Occupatiional Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health Policy


Follow government safety and health related laws and regulations, and implement them.


Promote disaster prevention and continuously remove various hazards to ensure workplace safety and hygiene.


Promote various safety and health management related trainings and activities to fully understand the responsibility of individuals for safety and health.


Establish safety and health technology, equipment and measures to effectively control risk accidents and reduce the occurrence of accidents.


Establish and continuously improve the safety and health operation and audit system to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the safety and health management system.

Occupational safety and health issues have become the focus of attention of countries and enterprises all over the world in recent years. How to "reduce occupational hazards, ensure workplace safety, and implement employee health management" has always been the direction of Xihua Crystal's efforts. The company passed ISO 45001 in November 2020.Department of Occupational Safety and Health Management.

Occupational Safety and Health Work Promotion

Hazardous Substance Management

For the use of hazardous substances and harmful substances in the company's production process, the use of low-toxic substances has been evaluated (the toxic chemical substances listed by environmental protection have been completely stopped since 2006); chemical raw materials are classified and stored according to their hazard characteristics, and the torage facilities meet regulatory requirements; Substance labelling complies with regulations and GHS requirements, and safety data sheets (SDS) are available at the workplace; the working environment is strengthened by ventilation and ventilation, and the working environment monitoring and chemical classification management are implemented in accordance with the law; operators regularly conduct hazardous substance training, and do wear protective gear during operation and equipped with emergency disposal equipment.

Occupational Accident Prevention and Risk Assessment

In order to implement safety management and reduce the risk of occupational disasters, we have formulated "Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations" and "Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan", implemented automatic inspections of the whole plant, conducted labor safety and health education and training, and provided on-site services by medical staff according to the regulations and return to work care. Carry out environmental considerations and hazard identification and risk assessment operations every year, and develop countermeasures to reduce risks and hazards. If dangerous events or disasters occur, corrective and preventive measures will be reviewed and improved to ensure the safety of employees and reduce risks, to create a safe workplace with zero disasters and zero accidents.

Contractor Management

Before the contractor enters the factory area, it is necessary to hold a meeting to inform the contractor about the working environment of the factory area, the scope of the construction, the hazards and the measures to be taken in accordance with the safety and health regulations of the regulations. notification certificate". The contractor's construction personnel must fill in the "Contractor's Entry and Exit Safety Inspection Form" before and after entering the factory area every day. Before the contractor needs to carry out special operations such as hot, elevated, confined space, hanging, live line, hazardous material operations, etc., it is necessary to apply to the company for approval before construction operations. The company's safety and health management unit sent personnel to the contracted operation site to conduct random inspections, and strengthened inspections for special operation projects, and issued fines for illegal projects.

Employee Health Promotion and Health Management

General physical examination" is implemented for new employees; "general health examination" is implemented every two years for current employees, which is better than the law stipulates; "special health examination" is implemented every year for employees engaged in special health hazards; Those who are tested and those with abnormal health check results are encouraged to assist in seeking medical treatment, and adjust the nature of work when necessary for health tracking. In order to take care of the health of employees and implement the concept of preventive health care, we cooperate with health units and medical institutions to carry out cancer screening at the factory. We hope that early detection and early treatment will reduce the risk of cancer for employees and ensure personal health and family happiness. Create a safe, non-hazardous and comfortable working environment, provide a smoke-free workplace, and won the "Healthy Workplace Self-Certification - Health Promotion Mark" and the "Smoke-free Happy Workplace" award and commendation; established a medical office to hire doctors to provide medical consultation for employees and health information; set up a breastfeeding room to provide breastfeeding time to facilitate female employees to breastfeed and raise healthy future generations Since 1999, the company has launched the "Healthy Vitality Year, Happy Year" activity plan, implementing health checks, physical fitness tests, dietary changes, moderate physical activities, health education lectures and other activities to improve employees' physical and mental health and enhance employee productivity. , work willingness and overall work performance, promote labor-management harmony, strengthen the company's competitiveness, and create the company's largest human asset. Cooperated with Taichung County Health Bureau's 2010 Workplace Promotion National Healthy Workplace Self-Certification Program, and passed the Health Promotion and Tobacco Harm Prevention Certification Workplace by the Department of Health.

Emergency Response Training

Every year, we regularly implement in-plant self-defense fire-fighting grouping, evacuation drills and emergency response drills to ensure that employees can take correct evacuation and rescue measures when encountering emergencies, so as to protect their own safety and reduce company disaster losses. measure.

Testing result of environment safety and health

Testing Time
Testing Items
Air Pollution
Waste Water
Industrial Waste
Drinking Water
Working Area Evaluation
Once 5 years
Once a semiyearly
Once a year
Once every quarter
Once a semiyearly
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