Benefits and Salary System

For employee benefits with the system, in addition to the Labor Standards Law in accordance with the announcement by the Government, Trade Union Law, the Employment Service Act, the Gender Equality in Employment Act, the Employee Welfare Fund Act its implementation details of implementation to the "staffcare "and" staff welfare "for the maximum principle, provide as much superior to the statutory conditions of employees of the benefits and measures under the premise of the company's operating stability.

For the sake of staff understanding of their own of Fa Fuli hereby amended and promulgated by the Government of the Labor Standards Law, the Trade Union Law, the Employment Service Act, Gender Equality in Employment Act, the Employee Welfare Fund Act and its Enforcement Rules are published below, a notice known to ensure that staff benefits, the two seek self-supervision, to provide better quality of the well-being.

Profit Sharing

  • Stock/ Cash Bonus Sharing Program
  • Payments Adjusting Program
  • Special Cash Bonus for Moon Festival /Dragon Boat Festival / Lunar New Year's Day


  • Dinner party
  • Year-End Party with Raffle
  • Family Day
  • Annual Trip

Complete Care

  • Health Examination
  • Provide health services and care for employee
  • Group insurance
  • Overseas travel safety insurance
  • Funds for Getting married / Funeral / Giving Birth…
  • Labor insurance / Health insurance
  • Retirement benefits system


  • Meal Allowance
  • Uniform / Shoes
  • Parking Lot
  • Legal Working Hours
  • Gift Token for Labor Day / Mother's Day
  • Outstanding staff selection,& senior staff recognition
  • Layer consultant

Welfare Committee for Employees

  • Gift Token for Lunar New Year's Day
  • Personal Trip Allowance
  • Funds for Getting Married / Funeral / Giving Birth…
  • Birthday Gift
  • Leisure Activities
  • Special Discounts in Contract Stores
  • Community Activities

Welcome partners who have the same philosophy and enthusiasm to join us.

Employees are the greatest asset of Siward, We always take "employee care" and "employee well-being" as our greatest principles. On the premise of stable operation of the company, we try our best to provide employees with various benefits and measures that are superior to legal conditions.

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