Career & Development

The cornerstone of the sustainable development of the enterprise comes from the cultivation of human resources, which enables employees to obtain professional-oriented powers. Siward provides diversified learning channels and career development.


So that employees have the expertise to manage advanced process equipment, and engaged in the concept of high-tech industries. Within the company conduct its own or in cooperation with the various training units, schools, government resources, provide education pipeline to assist in the upgrading of staff skills and expertise. Through education and training, planning and promotion of organizational culture to take root, enhance the quality of personnel, establishing the knowledge base and experience in heritage, the implementation of the full range of education and training of Siward, to strengthen the employees competitive education and training policy, and then reached to strengthen the company's competitiveness and the goal of the company's vision.

New Staff Training

To help new employees familiar with the shortest time environment to understand the requirements of the company culture and organization, and new into the staff education and training to the most solid basis of course, to assist staff to understand their own work Overview training in basic job skills and company for quality, environment and safety public health and other requirements.

General Education Courses Training

For serving employees, the annual planning implementation on a regular basis: quality requirements, green production, environmental management material, the Environmental Protection, health and safety, fire protection, legal knowledge, foreign language and career planning curriculum, so that employees have the basic knowledge and to implement used in the work or live.

Employees are the greatest asset of Siward, and trust is the basic driving for Siward to motivate employees to continuously pursue excellence. The positive attitude of employees who have the courage to serve and yearn for achievement is the key factor for Siward to fully demonstrate its execution ability.

Professional Skills Training

Properties of the different working staff, arrange appropriate professional skills courses, and by the unit supervisor or senior cadres as internal lecturer, imparting professional knowledge and skills, work experience difficulties also give immediate assistance. Train more than can employees offer different expertise in training or sent for training, continuous learning of new knowledge, and implementation of knowledge management, and enhance the competitive advantage of individuals, departments, organizations.

Management Functions of Training

Selection of executives and core cadres with the company's development blueprint, planned to train and develop, with management, language proficiency and industry expertise, and use of government resources for industry cooperation, industry-university training for the next stage of human capital preparation.


To attract outstanding talents, Siward provides competitive rewards and promotion.

Job Rotation

The purpose of job rotation policy is to provide our staff opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience.

Welcome partners who have the same philosophy and enthusiasm to join us.

Employees are the greatest asset of Siward, We always take "employee care" and "employee well-being" as our greatest principles. On the premise of stable operation of the company, we try our best to provide employees with various benefits and measures that are superior to legal conditions.

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