Employees are the greatest asset of Siward, and trust is the basic driving for Siward to motivate employees to continuously pursue excellence. The positive attitude of employees who have the courage to serve and yearn for achievement is the key factor for Siward to fully demonstrate its execution ability.

Career & Development

Talents are the main source of power to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Siward's education and training policy of "all-round education and training to strengthen the competitiveness of employees" closely integrates diverse learning and development environments.

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Benefits and Salary System

We try our best to provide employees with various benefits and measures that are superior to legal conditions.

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Join Siward

In order to employees have the expertise to manage advanced process equipment, and engaged in the concept of high-tech industries. Within the company conduct its own or in cooperation with the various training units, provide education pipeline to assist in the upgrading of staff skills and expertise.

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How to Get to Siward

Siward's headquarter is located in Taichung Tanzi. The architectural concrete of the building shows simplicity that expresses Siward culture; trees and grass make the building look like located in a big garden.

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