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Resonator Design

Resonator Design

Siward resonator design has a robust theoretical basis, and Siward utilizes CAE software as a reference design. Our data base has accumulated tens of thousands experiment data in the past 30 years. It's providing Siward ability to quickly respond to customer needs with optimal design. The optimal design that it's not only stable frequency output but also fit with customer's specific requirements which are modulation and noise suppression.

Basis of Design Theorem

According to the theorem, we can define the design factors will change along with frequency. If the design touches the line in above chart, we will find a frequency Dip, which will cause a risk of module failure. So that all the factors have to be reconsidered to avoid the Dip issue shows in operation temperature.

Design with CAE

Design through trial and error will take a lot of time and resources, which will not only fail to meet the immediate needs of customers, but also consume a lot of internal resources. Through CAE software, Siward can know whether there is spurious mode in a specific design by performing FEM analysis. The software also can calculator an optimal design section to help us efficiently find the optimal design of the resonator.

Big Data of Resonator Design

Over the past 30 years, Siward has continuously carried out the resonator design based on different requirements from customers. Also, Siward has recorded every experimental data in the development process. With the continuous accumulation of data, Siward has created a data center for ourselves, which effectively helps Siward reduce the time of development.

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