Company Introduction

Siward, a world-leading provider of crystal and oscillator solutions.

In response to the rapid-growing demand for global telecommunications, Siward was established in 1988. We are world leading manufacturer in crystals and oscillators industry, providing products range from synthetic quartz to in-house design and manufacture crystal units. We focus on cutting-edge photolithography technology development and engage actively in research and development to deliver best-in-class products with excellent reliability and stability. We are able to supply a broad product portfolio, including quartz crystal, crystal oscillator (XO), TCXO, VCXO and VCTCXO to meet customers demand from different industries and applications.

Our products are widely for applications in networking communication, mobile, PC/NB, consumers electronics, IoT, wearable, GPS, 5G telecommunication, and automotive. We serve customers throughout our sales offices, R&D centers, and manufacturing facilities spread over Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, and Europe. We has consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnership with our customers since we are not only deliver the best quality of crystal products, but also support our customer to be a leading company in the industry.

Innovative Photolithography Technologies

Siward is able to grasp the development mainstream of the electronic products keenly and dedicated to developing the miniaturized, high-frequency and optoelectronic products to keep pace with the Japanese competitors. To utilize the photolithography technology on 32.768 kHz tuning fork crystal manufacture process, and so as to expand the market scale and raise the profitability.

By means of advanced technology, Siward is devoted to providing its customers with innovative, high value-added product portfolios. Its full series of production lines are flexibly employed to develop all kinds of crystal component applications, ensuring the company to stay one step ahead with business opportunities secured and synergies achieved.

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